March 25 – 29, 2018

Workshop Overview

Beginning in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories in 1987, human-bear conflict specialists and community organizers have come together four times to share their experiences and successes. The 5th Workshop will take place in the eastern part of the continent in 2018.

The workshop’s format is designed to encourage everyone to participate as well as provide opportunities for interaction with professional and community human-bear conflict specialists. Attendees leave with: 

– A better understanding of the history, causes and current trends in human-bear conflicts

– New and proven methods of reducing human-bear conflicts

– Tools, techniques and tactics that work in the real world

Who should attend? Anyone involved with reducing human-bear conflicts on public lands, private lands and in communities, including field biologists and technicians, wildlife managers, conservation officers and community organizers.

A group of bear biologists and local community organizers from Gatlinburg, Tennessee are hosting the 5th International Human-Bear Conflicts Workshop. The program for the Workshop is being developed by an Organization Committee of specialists from across North America.

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